Vegetarian, Eggs

Classic Aioli Glass

The same Aioli, but now offered in a recyclable glass jar that makes it easy to spoon out. This is a traditional recipe with egg, purple garlic, and oil. A sauce you can enjoy with a rice dish on the beach or at a barbecue with friends, or simply spread on bread while you wait for your food. Once you start eating it, you can’t stop.

As it is homemade, Choví Alioli maintains the traditional recipe of homemade aioli, which is why it is so popular and is a benchmark in the market. It is the leading brand on the market and we offer a variety of formats to meet different needs.


Aioli is one of the oldest and most classic sauces of the "Mediterranean" region. Recipes for aioli are known from the beginning of the 10th century. Spain and France got it from the Romans, who in turn learned to make it from the Egyptians. It is a very popular sauce, also known as Ajoaceite, and is used both as an accompaniment to food and for cooking.

Suggested use

Grilled chops and sausages, fish rice, cod brandade, patatas bravas with aioli, potato salad with aioli, etc.