Social Responsibility
and Sustainability
at Choví

At Grupo Choví, we have developed our Corporate Social Responsibility y Sustainability strategy based on the following four important axes: people, the planet, society and innovation..

Our objective is to develop programmes and initiatives that generate positive impact on our stakeholders;

on people,through creating equal opportunities, talent development, and promoting health and safety at work;

on the planetby optimising waste management and actions that promote the circular economy;

on societythrough actions that favour the social and labour inclusion of people with functional diversity and through programmes that help the most vulnerable;

and finally, through innovation and quality,both in the development of new products that meet the needs of our customers and in the development and adaptation of new, more sustainable packaging with a reduced environmental impact that guarantees the health and safety of said customers.





One of the mottos of our founder, Vicente Choví, was “People First”. This premise has always been part of our company’s roadmap, prioritising not only the well-being of employees through standards that guarantee their health and safety at work, but also by encouraging them to grow personally and professionally through programmes that promote the development of talent, in which both women and men can participate and contribute to equally, since our company is committed to ensuring that everyone has the same opportunities, regardless of their sex.







At Choví, we are aware of the impact of our activity on the environment. Likewise, we are committed to reducing our impact through environmental and R&D programmes that aim to minimise or, to the extent possible, eliminate the possible adverse effects of our activity on the environment.

One of the main impacts of our activity is the generation of waste. At Choví, to minimise the amount of waste produced, we have developed a strict waste management policy that promotes the selective collection of waste in order to facilitate its recycling and reuse.


Along these lines, we would like to highlight that one of our main environmental impacts is due to the use of plastic materials in the packaging of our sauces. To improve in this area, our company has been progressively incorporating the use of 100% recycled plastic (PET) in the composition of our squeeze bottles, but we haven’t stopped there. As we speak, two of our most popular packaging formats, the 200 ml and 400 ml bottles, are manufactured with 100% recycled PET that is also recyclable, because our main objectives have always included the idea of working on the development of circular economy models. In the coming years, we hope to be able to expand this approach to the rest of our packaging formats. In fact, our 800 ml bottles are currently made with 25% recycled and recyclable PET.


Another of the initiatives that we have been developing in recent years in order to reduce our impact on the environment is the development of plastic sleeve labels that cover our containers, which are pre-cut so they’re easy to remove and place in the recycling bins.




Paper bags
for single-dose sachets

At Choví, we have substituted the bags used for single-dose sachets to ones made of paper with the goal of using the least amount of plastic in our product packaging.



Another highly innovative aspect of our squeeze packaging is that it allows the consumer to use all of the product contained within. Its wide-mouth design allows the lid to be opened once the product can no longer be squeezed out, and to use a spoon to get out every last drop. This unique design now available on the market is effective for reducing food waste.


Sauces made with
free-range eggs

All Choví sauces made with eggs and distributed in the retail channel are made with free-range eggs and are, therefore, suitable for vegetarians and bear the official seal of the European Vegetarian Union.






At Choví, we are conscious and aware of the problems that affect our company and that go beyond the direct impacts that are produced by our productive and commercial activity. 


Two specific challenges guide our efforts to try and help the social groups that require the most support or are the most vulnerable. The first is related to facilitating social and labour inclusion, both for people with functional diversity and for those at risk of exclusion. The second is focused on supporting children in need, where we try to do our bit so that the boys and girls who need it most can have access to better living conditions, where they can further develop their skills and education necessary in adulthood. 


That’s why we’ve signed some important agreements with influential NGOs in the Valencian Community and at the national level. Here are some examples:



We collaborate with the “Journey to Dignity” programme that works to promote personalised social and labour insertion, which is not limited to simply helping prepare someone to get a job –rather it involves facilitating an individual’s journey towards feeling worthy of the opportunities presented. Individuals who have come across multiple adversities in life and situations that lead to social exclusion. The objective of the programme is to help them regain motivation and confidence in their skills in order to achieve success.



Finally, one of the actions that fill us with the most pride has to do with the donation of an assistance dog to a resident in the municipality of Benifaió with a degenerative disease, who requires ongoing support and assistance through ATS Dogs C.B. Melek is an assistance dog we plan to give to our friend in Benifaió. For him, having Melek is synonymous with safety, independence, and a better quality of life. At Choví, we want to help to make his life easier, and to do so, we will handle everything involved in getting the puppy and training it in assistance tasks such as activating a switch in the case of emergency, bringing its owner water or medicine, or opening and closing doors.



Since the COVID-19 crisis began in 2020, Grupo Choví has continued to donate its products to the Food Bank to support families most affected by this unexpected crisis. After this initiative, through which we have supported many families during this difficult period, we signed a formal collaboration agreement with the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL). With this agreement, we have formalised our commitment to this NGO that helps numerous families at risk of social exclusion.

aldeas infantiles sos

We have renewed the agreement as “Builders of the Future” with SOS Children’s Villages, this being the second year that our company is collaborating with SOS Children’s Villages Spain. The objective of this agreement is to support the most vulnerable children and families that the organisation serves at the national level.
SOS Children’s Villages helps children and youth who are in vulnerable situations, promoting their development and independence through foster care in protective family environments and the strengthening of their family, social, and community networks.

This agreement has taken on even more importance as a result of the health and economic crisis caused by COVID-19.

In parallel, an agreement will be signed, through which Choví will launch its second marketing campaign with a cause, with the objective to donate a percentage of the sales from several of our best-selling products in the third quarter of 2021.



Grupo Choví is one of the creators and collaborators with the Polytechnic University of Valencia of its Department of Childhood and Adolescence, which has been developing training, research, and awareness-raising activities on the rights of children and adolescents since 2013.



Within its CSR strategy, Choví collaborates with the Gavi Alliance (The Vaccine Alliance in Europe) through Obra Social “La Caixa” and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Since 2000, Gavi has been able to vaccinate 700 million children and has prevented 10 million premature deaths.



Since 2020, Choví has been a member of the Club of Responsible and Sustainable Companies (CE/R+S), which works to promote management models based on sustainability. We share their belief that disseminating, sharing and promoting ideas and good practices is key in the transition to a new, more responsible, and sustainable economic model.


At Choví we also collaborate with the ASINDOWN Foundation.The Asindown Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the means that make possible the family, school, work and social integration of people with Down's Syndrome. The primary objective of this foundation responds to the need to promote all kinds of pedagogical and scientific means for the assistance, recovery, education and protection of all children suffering from Down's Syndrome, which hinders their education and social integration at the pace and capacity of the normally constituted person. Since 2018, Choví has collaborated in several projects and since 2020 we have been part of the Employment with Support Programme (ECA). We have incorporated a member of the programme into our staff on a part-time basis as a reception assistant and his duties include various administrative tasks. His integration into the company has been excellent and an example for the rest of the staff.