Ethnic Sauces

Choví's ethnic sauces are made with yoghurt and the best ingredients. Spicy or spicy, choose the one you like the most to go with them, try them!


Lovers of the popular doner kebabs are in for a treat. Our ethnic sauces have been developed to combine perfectly with this typical Arabian dish. These sauces are also perfect for seasoning all kinds of meat preparations, as well as accompanying potatoes, starters or snacks.

But why limit yourself to just one sauce when you have a choice? At Choví we have different varieties based on yoghurt or lightly spiced with a spicy flavour made from tomato and spices.


Choose the creaminess and smoothness of yoghurt combined with the light aroma of spices will conquer or look for spicier notes in a sauce made with tomato and spices. Which one do you choose? Our ethnic sauces are part of a line that aims to conquer the palates of all saucers who love the popular doner kebabs, one of the most typical and popular dishes of Arab cuisine that originates in Turkey.

This popular dish is also known as shawarma or gyros. As far as Turkish tradition is concerned, doner kebabs are made of marinated lamb, chicken or beef meat roasted in a rotating oven that keeps it always warm.

How to enhance the flavour of these traditional dishes? With aromatic and creamy sauces. Our ethnic sauces provide all the nuances that lovers of these dishes are looking for.



Creaminess, smoothness and quality. Our Kebab White Sauce is made with yoghurt and lightly spiced. A perfect sauce for those sauce lovers who are looking for a light and tasty complement.

Sweet and Sour Sauce

Sweet and Sour Sauce or Chinese Sauce is an ethnic speciality. It is made mainly with tomato, sugar, fruit juice and vinegar which give it a sweet and sour taste and an oriental touch.


Our ethnic sauces are the perfect complement to the popular doner kebabs. Does this mean that they can't be enjoyed in other preparations? Not at all. Their properties, creaminess, smoothness, lightness and flavour make these sauces an ideal choice to combine with other recipes and complement other types of dishes. Want some ideas? RECIPES WITH ETHNIC SAUCES


Kebab sauce is a specific variant of yoghurt sauce, made with a greater number of spicy nuances and strength of flavour, popularised from Arab gastronomy and used to accompany a popular dish of this culture called Döner Kebab. Its roots in Turkey have led this sauce to travel all over the Mediterranean and, along the way, it has been heavily influenced by Greek tradition.


Traditionally, kebab is prepared with lamb, but depending on the specific local culture of each oriental country, it is nowadays prepared with beef, lamb, goat, chicken, pork roasted in a rotating oven that keeps it always hot.

The meat is cut into strips and served in pita bread with lettuce, onions and other vegetables. The main accompaniment is kebab sauce made from yoghurt.

origin of the doner kebab

Kebab originated in the Middle East and has subsequently become popular in the Balkans, the Caucasus and other parts of Europe, as well as in parts of South and Central Asia.