15% more tomato, more flavour and more nutrients. Choví’s ketchup is more than tomato, vinegar, sugar and salt. Try it in your meals and snacks!

Choví's ketchup

Si eres salsero estás en el lugar adecuado. El ketchup Choví es un producto que te conquistará en cada paladeo. ¿Por qué? Muy sencillo: más sabor, más calidad, más nutrientes y un 15% más de tomate. Con ketchup Choví los amantes del sabor tienen un producto de calidad que asegura el mejor sabor para una de las salsas más deseadas del mercado.

¿Por qué Ketchup Choví?

Our secret? Always looking for quality in all of our products and, of course, never giving up to flavour! We have the privilege of identifying ourselves with a wonderful gastronomy that features the best ingredients. Indeed, at Choví, we have the best raw materials that guarantee flavour, quality and nutrients in our sauces.

Por ello, cuidamos cada paso en nuestra elaboración para que sea perfecta. Amantes de las salsas, ¡este es vuestro ketchup!

Ketchup recipe

Fresh Tomate

A good natural tomato selection is the basis for a high-quality ketchup. Using fresh high-quality ingredients will be the differentiating factor and the key to obtaining a flavourful ketchup.



Vinegar grants ketchup’s characteristic flavour intensity. It is important to control the amount of vinegar used since, although you should want to obtain an intense and potent flavour, do not use too much vinegar since you only need to use it as a tomato enhancer, being tomato the basic ingredient of this recipe.

especias mostaza chovi


To finish ketchup preparation, it is common to add mixed spices for different nuances and flavour notes.

Recipes with ketchup

The limit is in your imagination. Ketchup is one of the most versatile sauces on the market: we can use it to dress classic dishes, snacks or even as a base for more elaborate dishes. Need some ideas? Don't worry, take a look at some of the ideas we propose and try out all the possibilities of this sauce.

Curiosities about ketchup

Not only ketchup is one of the most renowned and sold sauces but is also noteworthy in terms of its nutrient supply. That is what makes it a perfect product for all sorts of people; besides, it is apt for those who are on a diet.

What else can you ask for? At Choví, we use tomato of Spanish origin to guarantee the best homemade flavour and to make the most of the nutrition values of one of the best products of Spanish gastronomy. And not only that: Choví’s ketchup features 15% more tomato content.

Who invented ketchup?

The origin of nowadays ketchup is a Chinese spicy sauce known as ketsiap. This sauce’s recipe did not have any type of tomato among its ingredients and it was used to season meat and fish. The English imported it to the Old Continent and spread its use during the 17th and 18th centuries. Later, it was introduced in the USA, where it started being produced in the same way it is produced today.

Different names

‘Ketchup’ is the most common name for this sauce. However, in some places, it is known as ‘catsup’, ‘cátchup’, ‘ketsup’ or ‘red sauce’ and, in some Latin American countries, it is commercialised as ‘cachú’ or, simply, as ‘salsa de tomate’ (tomato sauce).