The Mayonnaise of the Mediterranean. Made with free-range eggs and even more flavour. This is a very versatile and creamy mayonnaise that will enhance the flavour of your dishes. It’s the apple of our eye. It adds that little something extra that makes things come alive!


We like this sauce on a Spanish omelette, on potatoes, or in a mayonnaise salad. It also goes well with a hamburger, on fish, or in a sandwich. People liked it so much that it won the Product of the Year Award in the sauces category at the 2016 “Gran Premio a la Innovación” and the 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Award given by Clara Magazine!


The origin of Ajonesa de Choví goes back to the need to create a mild sauce with a touch of garlic that would add a special touch to all those dishes where mayonnaise would traditionally be used. A smooth and creamy sauce with a unique flavour.

Suggested use

Choví's Ajonesa knows how to make the most of those dishes in which mayonnaise would traditionally be used. It is perfect to give a touch of garlic flavour to the traditional potato omelette or to prepare some patatas bravas that appeal to those less fond of strong flavours. If you want to take advantage of the creaminess of Ajonesa, this sauce can be used to bind a Russian salad or a potato and crab salad. It is also a perfect sauce for simply adding a touch of flavour to dishes such as sandwiches, hamburgers, chips or fish dishes. With Choví Ajonnaise, a bland dish can become a tasty dish, and a tasty dish can become simply outstanding.
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