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Choví in the world

We export 19% of our products, exceeding 7.45 million euros in 2020 and growing 33% compared to 2019. We export to 30 countries, where the most important markets are Germany, the Netherlands and England.

Many tourists from different parts of the world come to Valencia to enjoy their vacations. Enjoying Spanish gastronomy in our restaurants, bars or beach bars is part of their summer experience.

They got to taste our exquisite Aioli and other sauces there, fall in love with them and request them in the main retailers of their countries.

At Choví, we first listened to this need in the late 1990s, saw a clear opportunity and since then we have been exporting our aioli and other sauces to other countries with the best service and quality.

chovi en el mundo

Vegan aioli


Our latest achievement in Germany and the Netherlands has been the introduction of Vegan Aioli with great sales success and nominations for several international awards for this launch.

Additionally, in Germany and the Netherlands we are very active on social medias where we have a large community of Choví Lovers.