Política de cookies

Legal Notice

1. Identification of the company name pursuant to data controller

Pursuant to the Information Society (Services and Electronic Commerce) Act (Law 34 dated July 11th, 2002), you are hereby informed of the particulars of the company:

  • Company name: CHOVI SL
  • Residence: Spain
  • Telephone number: 902 566 522
  • E-mail: choviresponde@chovi.com
  • Address: Pol. Ind. Font de Musa S/N de Benifaio 46450 (Valencia).
  • Tax ID card nº: B 46070595
  • Corporate purpose: Foodstuffs
  • Registry details: ________________________________

2. Información general.

The present general terms and conditions regulate your use of the services on the https://www.chovi.com/ web site whose registered holder is CHOVI SL. It is made available free of charge for Internet users and its visualization does not require any prior subscription or registration. The contracting of certain services or products does, however, require users to register on the web site. The use of our web site gives you the status of user and implies your full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the General Terms and Conditions as published by CHOVI SL at the moment the User accesses our Web Site, as well as our privacy and personal data processing policy. Users must read the General Terms and Conditions carefully each time the intend to use our web site. Furthermore, the use of the Service is also subject to all of the notices, regulations and instructions for use communicated to Users by CHOVI SL as foreseen in these General Terms and Conditions insofar as there is no contradiction between them.

Registered Users will be able to de-register as a web site user at any time, without this decision being retroactive, either over the Internet or by telephoning 902 566 522 or by email sent to choviresponde@chovi.com

CHOVI SL reserves the right to decline or withdraw access to its Web Site at any time and without any need for prior notice in the case of those Users in breach of the present General Terms and Conditions, as well as any Particular Terms and Conditions that may be applicable.

3. General Terms and Conditions

Generally speaking, Users undertake to comply with the present terms and conditions for use and to operate at all times in accordance with statute, good customs and the requirements of good faith, using the diligence appropriate for the nature of the service enjoyed, refraining from using the https://www.chovi.com/ web site in any way that might hinder, harm or impair its normal operation, the rights or assets of CHOVI SL, other Users or any third party in general.

In particular, and without this implying any restriction whatsoever on the general obligation assumed by Users in accordance with the preceding section, in their use of https://www.chovi.com/, Users undertake:

  • Not to insert, store or disseminate in or from the web site, any information or material deemed slanderous, insulting, obscene, threatening, xenophobic, inciting violence or discrimination on the grounds of race, gender, ideology, religion or in any way violating moral standards, public order, fundamental rights and public freedoms, personal honour, privacy or image of third parties and, in general, the current regulations in force.
  • Not to insert, store or disseminate through the web site any computer software, data, viruses, code, hardware or telecommunications equipment or any other electronic or physical instrument or device that may be capable of causing harm to the web site, any of its services, or any of the equipment, systems or networks of CHOVI SL, any User, or of any third party in general. Or that is in any way capable of causing any kind of alteration or preventing their normal operation.
  • Users must ensure the adequate safekeeping of the “User Name” and “Password” combination furnished to them by CHOVI SL as elements to identify them and enable their access to the various services offered on the web site. Users undertake not to transfer or allow to the same by third parties, assuming the liability for any damages that may arise from any improper use of the same. You are recommended to use robust and complex passwords so that they are not easy to guess. Furthermore, you are recommended to use alphabetic and numerical characters in your passwords. Users will be liable for any expenses incurred and damages caused through the use of the Services by any third party making use for the purpose of their password(s) and user name(s) due to any non-diligent use or their loss by Users.
  • Not to destroy, alter, use for their own benefit, render unusable or damage the data, information, software or electronic documents of CHOVI SL or third parties.
  • Users shall not hinder the use of the CHOVI SL Service by any other User nor the use of similar services of any other entity.
  • In particular, Users must refrain from performing any acts contrary to the rules regulating personal data protection, the market and consumers, Intellectual Property, tax rules, and the personal honour, privacy or image and good name of natural or legal persons.
  • Users are prohibited from eliminating, evading or manipulating copyright and other details identifying the rights of CHOVI SL or the corresponding registered owners incorporated into the Contents, as well as the technical protection devices and any information mechanisms that might be contained in the Contents.

In application of its sole criterion, CHOVI SL may deem the service immediately terminated if the behaviour of the User in question does not comply with the terms and conditions set out in the present notice.

CHOVI SL may amend the present General Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice, as well as any Particular Terms and Conditions included through the publication of the said amendments on the web site in order to communicate them to Users.

4. Intellectual and industrial property

1. The structure, design and presentation of the elements [graphic items, images, files, logos, colour combinations and any item capable of protection] are protected by intellectual property rights held by CHOVI SL.

The reproduction, transformation, distribution, public communication, availability to the public and, in general, any other form of partial or total exploitation of the elements referred to in the preceding section are prohibited. All such exploitation acts may only be carried out with the express authorization of CHOVI SL and must, in all cases, make explicit reference to the registered ownership of the said intellectual property rights of CHOVI SL. Reproduction of the contents made available on the web site is only authorized for private use [by download or printing].

2. The use of any distinctive signs [trademarks, brand names] is not allowed except with the express authorization of their legitimate owners.

5. Use of cookies


CHOVI SL hereby informs you that, while you are browsing our web pages, we use cookies, small data files generated on your computer, to enable us to obtain the following information:

a) The date and time you access our web. This enables us to know the hours of maximum use and make the necessary adjustments to prevent problems with overloading at peak times.

b) The number of daily visitors to each section. This enables us to know which areas are most successful and improve their content so that users obtain a more satisfactory result.

c) The date and time the user visited our web the last time.

d) The content design the user chose on the first visit to our web.

e) Security items involved in the control of access to restricted areas.

The information obtained is completely anonymous and can in no case be associated with any specific identified user. This information enables CHOVI SL to improve its services and adapt them to users’ interests.

Nonetheless, users have the option to prevent the generation of cookies by selecting the appropriate option on their browser. CHOVI SL informs you that, if you disable the use of cookies, your browsing may be slower than usual.


A cookie is a small data files stored on Users’ hard drives by web servers to facilitate subsequent visits. CHOVI SL informs you that it does not use cookies when connecting to the Portal. Furthermore, the company will decline any and all liability for any that may be generated in the course of accessing the web pages or sites of third parties with links included on the Portal.

6. Waiver of liability.

CHOVI SL will not be liable:

Generally speaking, for any inappropriate use of the web site owned by CHOVI SL. Users must make appropriate use of the web site in accordance with the preceding terms and conditions, without any liability accruing to CHOVI SL from any improper use.

With respect to any possible technical deficiencies, CHOVI SL will not accept any liability in any case for alterations in the service arising as a result of power outages, failures in the data connections, on the server or in any services rendered.

With respect to third party access to its system, CHOVI SL will adopt the necessary technical measures to protect the data and information accessed, but without being responsible for the actions of third parties accessing the said data in breach of the security measures established.

This web page may contain links to the pages of other third parties whose content CHOVI SL cannot control. Their inclusion is for information purposes and does not imply any agreement or guarantee by CHOVI SL with respect to the contents of the said web pages. For this reason, CHOVI SL rejects any and all liability in connection with the same, as well as for academic year damages that may be caused for any reason to your computer system (hardware and applications), documents or files. Insofar as is allowed by applicable legislation, CHOVI SL does not guarantee the reliability, availability or continuity of the operation of this web page nor its contents for technical, security, control or service maintenance reasons, due to failures of the server housing the contents or any other intermediaries or suppliers, due to cyberattacks against the computer system, or any other reasons arising out of causes beyond its control, for which reasons it is exonerated from any direct or indirect liability in connection with the same.

CHOVI SL assumes no liability for failures, errors or direct or indirect harm arising in users’ computer systems or in the files or documents stored on these caused or derived from the capacity or quality of their computer system or the presence of a virus or other malware in the computer used to connect to the web contents, the quality of the connection or Internet access, due to improper operation of your browser, or through the use of computer applications whose versions are not up to date or where the corresponding user licence has not been obtained.

CHOVI SL is exonerated from any and all liability for any claim with respect to intellectual property rights over the articles and images published on its portal. Furthermore, it does not guarantee the accuracy, truthfulness and currency of the contents of this web page, whether provided by the company itself or by third parties, or linked to other web sites. CHOVI SL is fully exonerated from any liability derived from the use of the same.

CHOVI SL will be held harmless vis-à-vis any liability derived from any claim, including the payment of professional fees to lawyers for any claims and complaints originated by third parties due to any failure by USERS to comply with our terms and conditions for use, access and privacy policy, or any other claim due to a breach of current legislation.

7. Legislation.

Generally speaking, relations between CHOVI SL and the Users of its remote electronic services present on this web site are subject to Spanish legislation and jurisdiction, and the parties submit all questions in dispute arising out of the present agreement to the Courts of the User’s residence (Spain).

Should any competent court hold any provision(s) of the present agreement to be contrary to law, such provision(s) shall be redrafted in such a way as to reflect the intentions of the parties as faithfully as possible, and all other provisions shall remain in force and applicable.

Should any of the clauses in the present Agreement be or become invalid or inapplicable, the valid or applicable part thereof and the other provisions of the Agreement shall remain in force and applicable.