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We offer the best products, attending to all needs, giving flavour and joy to all dishes, being responsible and collaborative with our environment.


To be present in everyone's meals in a fun and tasty way.


Transform food into moments of enjoyment.



Compromiso. Tradición.  Cercanía. Inconformismo.  Pasión por el Cliente.



Vicente Choví was born on 25 October 1932 into a hard-working and beloved family in Benifaió (Valencia). At the age of eight he showed great cultural interests: he wanted to take private lessons and learn to type. Raised in the post-war years, economic difficulties led him to study in a self-taught way, accumulating more than 2,000 books in his personal library.

His passion for literature and knowledge, together with an enterprising character possibly forged thanks to the mirror of his mother Encarna, have accompanied him all his life: he worked filing papers in a rice mill, as a notary's assistant and in the Bank of Valencia. At the age of 16 he helped his mother to set up the first shop in Calle Real in Benifaió, where they sold basic necessities of the time: quince jelly, "panfígol", salted meats, vegetables, cereals... at the same time he helped his father in the fields, as well as working some days as a labourer.

During Lent, his mother used to cook cod meatballs. Vicente started to use a ceramic mortar to make aioli for the meatballs and offered it to the women who bought them in the shop. When it was successful, they set up a "stop" in the village market where the alioli began to sell very well. This is the origin of what Choví is today. The origin of a way of working. The origin of a product and values that will accompany the brand forever.


At the age of 55, after a long professional life dedicated to family and business, he had the opportunity to give back to society part of what it had given him, and he decided to accept the challenge of serving his town as Mayor of Benifaió for 8 years.

It was a time when he had the opportunity to get to know the problems of the town and its neighbours at first hand. Beyond material achievements, Vicente Choví was proud of being able to attend to and try to help all the people of the village who passed through his office in the town hall every day during the 8 years he was mayor. Something he did, even in his own home, where he received many neighbours looking for help.

In the following years he returned to the company to pursue his passion, where he watched his sons take over the family business and do business as he had taught them, "always people first".