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Kebab sauce

Choví’s kebab sauce is made with yoghurt and the best ingredients. Spiced or spicy, choose your favourite one. Check them out!


Döner kebab lovers are in luck. Our kebab sauces have been made to perfectly match this traditional meal of Arabic cuisine. Perfect sauces to season all sorts of meat-based preparations and to accompany chips, starters and snacks.

But, why just having one sauce if you can choose? At Choví, we have two different varieties: Kebab White Sauce, a slightly spiced sauce made with a yoghurt base, and Kebab Hot Sauce, a spicy sauce made with a base of tomato and spices.


Choose the captivating yoghurt’s creaminess and smoothness combined with the soft aroma of spices or go for spicier notes in a sauce made with tomato and spices. What’s your choice? Our two kebab sauces belong to a product range aimed at sating the palates of döner kebab lovers, one of the most typical and popular meals of Arabic cuisine with a Turkish origin.

This renowned meal is also known as ‘shawarma’ or ‘gyros’. According to Turkish tradition, kebabs are made of seasoned lamb, beef or chicken meat, which is roasted in a spinning oven that keeps it always warm.

How can the flavour of these traditional meals be enhanced? With aromatic and creamy sauces. Our kebab sauces add in all the nuances that kebab enthusiasts are looking for.


Our kebab sauce range has two versions. Each of them features different nuances to perfectly season and complement kebabs, as well as other meat-based recipes, chips, starters and snacks.


Salsa kebab white 250Creaminess, smoothness and quality. Our Kebab White sauce is made of yoghurt and is slightly spiced. A perfect sauce for those sauce lovers who are looking for a light and savoury complement.


Salsa kebab hot 270Flavour intensity and spiced notes. Our tomato-based Kebab Hot sauce with a mix of spices will captivate the palates of those who are looking for a light texture without giving up to a potent and spicy flavour.



Despite the fact that there are different varieties and preparations, the original kebab sauce is made with yoghurt and features a creamy and light texture to match the renowned ‘döner kebabs’. Its main ingredients are the following:


Yogur ingredientes ChovíPlain yoghurt is the fundamental base of this sauce, which is many times considered as a specific variety of the traditional yoghurt sauce. Having plain yoghurt as its base, the goal for this sauce is to offer genuine creaminess and smoothness.


EspeciasThe mix of spices is essential in this sauce. Its Arabic origin makes kebab sauce a full-nuance sauce with an intense spice-based flavour. One of the big differences with the yoghurt sauce is, precisely, a greater spiced flavour presence and intensity.

Lemon juice

Zumo de limónLemon juice adds citric notes, freshness and lightness to kebab sauce. The objective is looking for specific nuances without enhancing acidity too much.


AjoLight garlic notes grant this sauce its genuine flavour. In this case, garlic is a secondary ingredient only used as a flavour enhancer that must never overshadow the main spiced yoghurt flavour.


The kebab sauce is a specific variation of the yoghurt sauce made with more spiced nuances and flavour intensity. It was made popular thanks to the Arabic gastronomy and it is used for seasoning the ‘döner kebab’, a very popular dish in this culture. Being deeply rooted in Turkey, this meal has travelled across the Mediterranean Sea and, along the way, it has been highly influenced by the Greek tradition.


Traditionally, kebab was prepared with lamb but, depending on the particular local culture and country, it is currently prepared with beef, lamb, goat, chicken or pork roasted in a spinning oven that keeps the meat always warm.

This meat is sliced and served in pita bread with lettuce, onion and other vegetables. As a seasoning, yoghurt-based kebab sauce is the most common choice.


Kebab originally comes from the Middle East but it has become popular in the Balkans, the Caucasus and in other parts of Europe as well as in some southern and central Asian areas.


Actually, the word ‘kebab’ refers to a wide range of skewered meats; however, it is commonly associated with the Turkey generic ‘shish kebab’ variety. Its name refers to the cooking process: the big meat rolls are roasted in a vertical oven. Then, the meat can be served on a plate or on the ‘dürum’ or ‘lahmacun’.

​The original kebab is flavoured with a spice blend generally called ‘ras el hanout’. Some of these spices are cumin, oregano, coriander, turmeric, caraway, paprika, nutmeg, cayenne pepper and cinnamon.