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Ensalada césar

Caesar sauce

Add freshness, creaminess and flavour to your dishes with Choví’s Caesar sauce. It is perfect for salads and hamburgers. Fresh and savoury. Give it a try!


Creaminess, aroma, freshness, a delicious cheese flavour… Does it sound good? Choví’s Caesar sauce is perfect for dressing salads –and for especially giving the final touch to the classic Caesar salad, made with chicken, romaine lettuce, bacon and fried bread.

Dressing salads is easier and tastier than ever thanks to the aromatic touches and creaminess of Choví’s Caesar sauce. But… can it be combined with other preparations? Of course! In spite of having the ideal conditions to dress salads, our Caesar sauce can also add nuances, aromas and flavours that will perfectly match all sorts of preparations: meat, hamburgers, sandwiches… Your choice!


Because, at Choví, we never give up to flavour and premium-quality ingredients. For that reason, our Caesar sauce has everything you need for your salad to be unique: creaminess, freshness, lightness, nuances and –of course– flavour.

The secret is always in the small details. Taking care of each and every one of these small details is essential for making high-quality products. Choví’s Caesar sauce features a delicious cheese flavour with a slight anchovy touch made with natural ingredients guaranteeing a genuine flavour. A true flavour that will captivate all sauce lovers.



QuesoCheese is one of the main ingredients of the Caesar sauce. Using one cheese type or another will influence the intensity of the final result. For our Caesar sauce, at Choví, we use cured Italian cheese.


AceiteAs in the majority of sauces and preparations, oil is a fundamental ingredient for bringing all elements together and ensuring the adequate consistency.



Garlic is one of those ingredients that grants the needed nuances to a good Caesar sauce. It is important not to use too much garlic since, although it is essential for obtaining an authentic flavour, it can also ruin the recipe if it is used without control.

Lemon juice

Zumo de limón

It is essential for adding the genuine fresh nuance of the Caesar sauce. As in the case of garlic, this is a fundamental ingredient but in moderation. If a Caesar sauce is too citric, its consistency will be affected.


The Caesar sauce is named after its homonymous salad (the Caesar salad). It is a Mexican preparation usually attributed to an Italian immigrant.

Legend has it that Caesar Cardini was a restaurant owner in San Diego and Tijuana, where he mixed Mexican and American cuisines. One day they ran out of dish servings of one of the preparations at the restaurant and, because of that, chef Remigio Murgia prepared this salad by just improvising in front of the clients, who were delighted with the result.

Some years later, this formerly improvised dish has become a classic. Today, the mix of romaine lettuce and fried bread (with or without chicken or with or without anchovies) covered by an emulsified lemon juice sauce, olive oil, egg, ground anchovies, Dijon mustard and black pepper is a classic that you can easily dress with our Caesar sauce.