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Aioli sauce

Aioli sauce is a creamy sauce made with fresh purple garlic that adapts to both the most delicate and the most exigent palates. It is a smoother variety of the classic aioli that, with a mild garlic touch, becomes a great option for all sorts of light recipes.

Choví's aioli sauce

At Choví, we are expert in sauces and, of course, we are expert in aioli. Having the classic mortar aioli as the basis, we have developed a new smoother and lighter version, perfect for accompanying all sorts of preparations. A sauce with all the aroma and flavour of one of the most renowned preparations of Mediterranean cuisine.

Made with eggs and purple garlic, its flavour will sate all sorts of palates, from the traditional aioli lovers to those who prefer a lower garlic content.

Aioli sauce recipe

Aioli sauce is made with an oil and garlic emulsion to which we add some spices such as parsley, salt, egg and lemon juice.

At Choví, we use fresh purple garlic to obtain a mild flavour maintaining the essence of the best aioli which, besides, satisfies all sorts of tastes and consumers: from aioli lovers to those who want a different sauce for their preparations.

Having this oil and garlic emulsion as a basis, we add egg yolk, lemon juice and some spices to come up with the lightness and flavour of this sauce, a smoother variety to the classic aioli. This is normally used to season fish preparations, seafood or served as a side.

Ingredients of the aioli sauce


AceiteWe must choose the oil we want to add to our aioli sauce wisely. Depending on the intensity of the final flavour we are looking for, we should choose the fitting oil type for the preparation.


AjoTogether with oil, garlic is a fundamental element to make aioli sauce. We must thicken these two ingredients and add the rest of aromas and spices.


Huevo Ingredientes ChovíEgg is very important for the creamy consistency of a good aioli sauce. Although it is possible to make some classic aioli recipes without egg, we recommend using high-quality eggs to obtain the lightness and smoothness we are looking for.


Limón Ingredientes ChovíJust as is the case with the classic aioli recipe, a jet of natural lemon or the juice of a freshly pressed lemon will grant the fundamental citric notes necessary to enhance the flavour of the aioli sauce.

Salt and spices

Sal y especias Ingredientes Choví

Add salt and spices to your liking for the final touch. Normally, parsley is the most used spice for freshening up this preparation.

A sauce with plenty of uses

Aioli sauce can be a fantastic choice for seasoning your dishes and giving them a subtle touch of garlic. It can be used to accompany all sorts of main courses: from grilled meat to fish, seafood and different rice preparations.

Besides, the lightness of this sauce and its mild flavour turn it into an effective choice to season your sides and starters: canapés, snacks, chips, sandwiches or bread spreads.