Vegan, Cold

Vegan Aioli

The classic Choví Aioli, but without any animal products. Same texture and flavour. Just as good as the original.

Perfect for eating with meat and fis... Nooo! We love using this sauce to accentuate the flavour of grilled or roasted vegetables. Spoiler alert: it’ll also be a hit with fried potatoes.


Choví's Vegan Alioli is a vegan product as it does not contain any animal products. In this way we meet the demands of a growing community that is increasingly aware of the environment around us. This product does not contain eggs or allergens and its production process is certified by the Spanish Vegetarian Union. With our sauces we want to include all types of food and that is why we make products with each of our consumers in mind.

Suggested use

To cook and accompany any dish, such as rice dishes or as a spread on bread.