Sweet and sour sauce 285 g Choví. Original and intense flavor!

Sweet and Sour Sauce 285 g

Sweet and Sour or Chinese Sauce is an ethnic speciality. It is mainly prepared with tomato, sugar, fruit juice and vinegar, which grant a sweet and sour flavour and an oriental touch.

Nutrition facts and ingredients

Nutrition facts (x100 g)

Energy: 119 (kcal) 507 (kJ) – Fat: 0.1 g (saturated fatty acids: 0.0 g) – Carbohydrate: 28.9 g (Sugars: 26.8 g) – Fibre: 0.5 g – Protein: 0.5 g – Salt: 0.5 g


Tomato, glucose and fructose syrup, concentrated fruit juice: lemon, pineapple and apple, vinegar, water, modified starch, salt, stabilisers: guar and xanthan gum, preservatives: potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate.


Contains sulphites.

Perfect for...

This is a special sauce for seasoning oriental dishes –spring rolls and special fried rice in particular.


New ‘squeeze’ bottle. More ergonomic, much more comfortable. Manufactured with 25% PET plastic, this type of container helps reduce the environmental impact. As for the lid, we have improved the valve, which allows for a better dosing. More practical, more hygienic.

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