La Brava Sauce 150 g Choví. Creamy with a spicy flavor!

La Brava Sauce 150 g

Choví’s La Brava Sauce is a refrigerated preservative-free sauce made with oil, egg, garlic, tomato and spices that grant an intense flavour, a creamy texture and a spicy touch. Specially made for the renowned ‘patatas bravas’ (chips with a spicy tomato sauce), one of the traditional dishes of Spanish cuisine.

  • Sin gluten
  • Producto refrigerado

Nutrition facts and ingredients

Nutrition facts (x100 g)

Energy: 687 (kcal) 2866 (kJ) – Fat: 74.3 g (saturated fatty acids: 9.1g) – Carbohydrate: 3.0g (Sugars: 0.3g) – Fibre: 0.3 g – Protein: 0.7 g – Salt: 1.9 g


Vegetable oil (sunflower or IP soy), water, garlic, olive oil, vinegar, spices, concentrated tomato, egg yolk, dehydrated vegetables, salt, sugar, concentrated lemon juice, acidifier: lactic acid.

Perfect for...

La Brava Sauce has the just degree of intensity for granting meat, potatoes and vegetable roasts a very special flavour loved by all those who try it. Our sauce can be heated without curdling, therefore making its dosing easier.


Tub-shaped container and air-tight lid for a perfect preservation.

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