Kebab Hot family pack 820 ml. Light and spicy!

Kebab Hot 820 ml Family Pack

Kebab Hot sauce is an ethnic speciality. It is a tomato-based smooth-textured spicy sauce created for accompanying the renowned ‘döner kebab’.

  • Sin gluten

Nutrition facts and ingredients

Nutrition facts (x100 g)

Energy: 71 (kcal) 303 (kJ) – Fat: 0.2 g (saturated fatty acids: 0.0 g) – Carbohydrate: 15.8 g (Sugars: 12.6 g) – Fibre: 1 g – Protein: 1.1 g – Salt: 2.6 g


Tomato and concentrated tomato (95 g of tomato to produce 100 g of sauce), glucose and fructose syrup, vinegar, modified starch, salt, spices, aromas, acidifier: citric acid, preservatives: potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate, stabiliser: guar gum.

Perfect for...

What is kebab? It is one of the traditional dishes of Arabic cuisine.
In Turkey, the country of origin of this meal, they call it ‘döner kebab’, while in Arabic countries they call it ‘shawarma’ and, in Greece, it is known as ‘gyros’.
Kebabs are made of seasoned lamb, beef or chicken meat roasted in a spinning oven that keeps it always warm.
This meat is sliced and served in pita bread with lettuce, onion and other vegetables.
As a seasoning, several options can be chosen (yoghurt sauce, spicy sauce, garlic sauce, etc.).


New ‘squeeze’ bottle. More ergonomic, much more comfortable. Manufactured with 25% PET plastic, this type of container helps reduce the environmental impact. As for the lid, we have improved the valve, which allows for a better dosing. More practical, more hygienic.

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