Chovi's dressing oil, garlic and parsley 1L. Hotel industry format!

Dressing oil, garlic and parsley 1 l

New product designed for our horeca customers, made with fresh parsley. Ideal for dressing in a practical and fast way various types of fish dishes, meats or potatoes.

Nutritional Value and Ingredients

Nutritional Information (x100 g)

Energy value (2970 KJ, 667 kcal), fats (72 g), carbohydrates (3.2 g), sugars (0.2 g), protein (0.7 g), salt (<0.1 g).


82.5% sunflower oil, 10% parsley and 7.5% garlic.


Practical 1 liter canister, ideal for dressing in restaurant, bar and cafeteria kitchens.

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