Bravas sauces special 1 kg Choví

Patatas Bravas sauce special 1 kilo

Our Patatas Bravas sauce is a salsa with character, with a spicy touch. It is made with oil, garlic, tomatoes and spices. Ideal to prepare authentic Bravas potatoes at home.

Nutritional Value and Ingredients

Nutritional Value (x100g)

Energy: 36 (kcal) 150 (kJ) – Fats: 0.2 g (of which saturated fatty acids: 0.0g) – Carbohydrates: 6.5g (of which are Sugars: 2.7g) -Fiber: 1.2g- Proteins: 1.3g- Salt: 4.9g


Tomato and concentrated tomato (112 g of tomato to make 100 g of sauce) *, Vinegar, Salt, Modified starch, Spices (contains cayenne), Citric acid acid, Potassium sorbate preservatives and sodium benzoate.

Ideal for…

Ideal to prepare authentic Patatas Bravas in your restaurant, bar or hotel.

Use it also with grilled meat or vegetables, as a support for a pasta sauce or as you like! And you will be surprised.

Recipes with Bravas sauce special potatoes 1 kilo

Use Choví in your recipes with Bravas sauce special potatoes 1 kilo and never give up the taste! Made with natural products of the best quality, Choví sauces are a perfect complement to enhance the flavor and season all kinds of elaborations: tapas, skewers, toasts, salads, meats and fish … The best idea also to dipear! Looking for some ideas? Discover recipes, elaborations and all the possibilities of our sauces.

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