Alioli single-dose 18 g Choví | hotel industries format

Alioli on single dose 18 g

Alioli is our flagship product. The company was born with him, making it a lifelong and emblematic product of our company. Thanks to its practical single-dose container you can enjoy authentic Alioli without wasting it.

  • Sin gluten
  • Producto refrigerado

Ideal for...

The Alioli is the oldest “culinary monument” in the world. It is applied in numerous preparations and serves to accompany grilled meats as well as rabbit chicken and fish. Ideal to accompany with rice and potatoes or spread on bread. Its fresh flavor and with a Mediterranean touch gives that perfect touch to any recipe. The Alioli Choví is not a garlic mayonnaise, but the traditional aioli made by our grandparents. Fresh, creamy and with an intense flavor.


Single dose bag, more practical and comfortable. Very useful not to waste product and consume the right thing.


The intensity indicator shows the amount of garlic in each sauce. The Classic Alioli, with a traditional flavor, contains an average percentage of garlic, which makes it suitable for all palates.

Intensidad media del alioli

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