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Smooth, creamy and delicious. Choví’s mayonnaise is made with free-range eggs for a homemade flavour. The old traditional flavour as you have never tried it before. Give it a try!

Choví's mayonnaise

At Choví, we always make our products with the natural ingredients that provide homemade flavours and aromas.

Choví’s mayonnaise is made with free-range eggs to guarantee a genuine flavour and to generate a positive impact on the environment and ensure animal protection. The tradition of a classic sauce of Spanish gastronomy mixed with the flavour intensity of high-quality products.

Are you a sauce lover? Do you like intense flavours? This is your mayonnaise. A classic that never becomes outdated and that can never be missing. A perfect sauce to season all sorts of food preparations, from Russian salads to sandwiches. Besides, it can be mixed with other ingredients to create new flavours. Are you in?

Why choosing Choví's mayonnaise?

It is perfect for accompanying all sorts of dishes, cooking, making bread spreads, dressing Russian salads and, of course, for creating new sauces. Your own sauces? Of course! Choví’s mayonnaise is not just a perfect sauce per se but also an invitation to delve into a whole world of mixes and flavours. Will you have a go?

At Choví, we are non-conformists and, for that reason, we have decided that, apart from our traditional mayonnaise, we want to offer a mayonnaise with a more Mediterranean touch. More Mediterranean? How? We offer you the ‘ajonesa’! An original variety of the classic mayonnaise with a garlic touch. Does it sound good?

Our classic smooth creamy mayonnaise is made with free-range eggs to ensure a homemade flavour. The old traditional flavour. Choví’s mayonnaise is for sauce lovers and intense-flavour enthusiasts. Are you one of those?

How to make mayonnaise?


AceiteMayonnaise preparation requires a fair amount of oil. Therefore, it will be decisive to choose a mild oil (in case you like a gentler flavour) or a stronger oil (if you prefer a more potent mayonnaise). At any rate, as long as you choose a high-quality oil, you will make a good mayonnaise regardless of the oil type selected.


Huevo Ingredientes ChovíUse an egg to give the sauce the needed oiliness and obtain the proper consistency. The sauce can be thickened with a whole egg or with just the yolk.

Lemon juice

Zumo de limón

Use lemon juice for a citric touch and for balancing and finishing the preparation. It is also possible to make mayonnaise by using vinegar instead of lemon.