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Grupo Choví, inconformistas del sabor



Vicente Choví was born on the 25th of October 1932 in a working and beloved family in Benifaió (Valencia). At the age of eight, he showed great cultural concerns: he wanted to have a private teacher and learn how to type. Raised in the post-war period, the economic difficulties forced him to be self-educated and, as a result, he ended up owning more than 2,000 books as part of his private library.

His passion for literature and knowledge, joined to an entrepreneurial character possibly inherited from his mother Encarna, accompanied him his whole life: he worked archiving documents in a rice mill, as an assistant to a notary and in the Bank of Valencia. When he was 16, he helped his mother to set up her first shop. It was located in the Calle Real area in Benifaió and there they sold staples of the time: quince, “panfígol” (fig bread), salted products, vegetables, cereals… and, at the same time, he helped his father in the fields and worked as a bricklayer mate whenever he had the chance.

During the Lent, his mother used to cook cod balls. Vicente began to prepare aioli in a ceramic mortar for the cod balls and he would offer it to the women who went to the shop to buy the balls. Due to the sudden success, they decided to set up a stall in the village market, where the aioli sold very well. That is the origin of what Choví is today. The origin of a working philosophy. The origin of a product and values that will accompany the brand forever.


At the age of 55, after a long professional career devoted to his family and company, he had the chance to give back to society a part of what it had previously given him. Hence, he decided to take on the challenge to serve his village and was elected as Benifaió’s mayor –a post he held for 8 years.

It was a time when he had the chance to get to know first-hand the problems of the village and its neighbours. Apart from his material achievements, Vicente Choví felt proud to help all of the villagers who called in at his mayor office every day during the 8 years he held his post. What is more, he even received neighbours looking for help at his own house.

In the years to follow, he returned to the company to continue with his passion. There, he saw how his children took over the family business and built up the company just as he had showed them: by following the maxim «people always first».

Enhancing your dishes since 1950

Our history starts back in 1950, in a small family grocer’s shop located in Benifaió (Valencia) run by Vicente Choví and his family. The sale of frozen cod was the basis of the business until, at one point, they decided to use the cod tails to make cod balls. Besides, this dish was accompanied by a homemade aioli produced by the family.

This aioli used as an accompaniment for the cod balls started to become so popular that it was more successful than any of the other dishes. At that moment, the business started to become what it is today: the small grocer’s shop was closed and the exclusive preparation of this sauce began. With a homemade production in their 50-square-metre premises and using a rudimentary beater designed by the family, they packed the product manually and sold the aioli in the village establishments and in the surroundings. In 1953, the company became a limited liability company.

1960s-1980s: the Choví brand takes shape

In the early 1960s, Nita Choví was created. It was the first commercial label aimed at producing and selling mayonnaise. Later, in the 1970s, we registered the Choví trademark definitely and purchased the first automatic packaging machine. That allowed us to increase production, open new markets and move to our current location. From that moment on, Choví started to grow and look for new flavours by producing new sauces and products, which were presented in renowned food fairs.

During the 1980s, Choví began to advertise intensively and our first TV spot was released. Since that time, the brand kept on growing staying true to its philosophy of constant growth linked to creativity and innovation.

The 1990s: The mortar

The 1990s were a decisive turning point for Choví after the development and introduction of the mortar-shaped package for the aioli commercialisation, our star product. This package, which has become our hallmark, allowed us to open numerous doors and national and international business opportunities. Actually, nowadays, it still is a leading product in these markets.

Alioli Choví

Great present, better future


Welcome nonconformist of Taste

Today, Choví is a modern and professionalised company which is now managed by the second generation of the Choví Navarro family and by an executive board aligned with the brand’s traditional values and committed to the company’s goals.

As a company, we have a strong presence nationally and internationally. We offer specialised products and are leaders in the sauce niche markets. Besides, we follow environmentally-friendly practices and are committed to the society and our workers.

We are deeply rooted in the national market, where we have partners in almost the whole country, both in terms of modern and traditional distribution, especially, regarding leading products such as the Allioli (aioli) and the Ajonesa (mayonnaise with garlic).

In 2018, we finished the rehabilitation and enlargement of the Benifayó plant in order to meet higher demands. The investment was assessed at €16.7 million. Additionally, also in 2018, a logistic centre in Masalavés (Valencia) was acquired to provide the best service to our clients.

Choví Food service has its own commercial team to better meet HORECA’s client demand.


Choví’s future depends on the development of a diversified product range for national and international markets, both for family and for professional consumption. Besides, at Choví, we do not only produce our sauce range exclusively. In the year 2012, we launched the pre-cooked product range. A new project in which Choví is willing to make a name for the company as a high-quality chilled pre-cooked meals producer. This range is distributed under the Choví Cheff brand.

From Valencia to the World

At the same time, Choví has developed an expansion plan that has made it possible for us to continuously export our products to more than twenty countries all around the world. Currently, our exportation figures represent more than 12.7% of our business share.

We export to 35 countries, being Germany, the Netherlands and England our main destinations.


Choví ‘squeeze’ bottles with 25% of recycled PET plastic

As part of Choví’s actions to reduce the environmental impact, we have used recycled PET plastic in all of our ‘squeeze’ packages for several years: 200ml and 400ml.

  • 25% of the PET plastic used for ‘squeeze’ bottles is recycled.
  • The use of recycled material amounts to a yearly average of 53,000 kg.
  • The bottle’s sleever –the plastic covering the bottle that features the product’s design, communication and ingredients– can be removed easily for recycling.

Open and drain

A very innovative aspect of our ‘squeeze’ package is that it allows the user to finish off the product: its wide-mouthed design makes it possible to introduce a spoon inside to drain the remaining content when it is no longer possible to squeeze it out. This is a unique solution in the market thought to reduce food waste.

Products made with free-range chicken eggs

Another of Choví’s commitments to environment is using free-range eggs for our mayonnaise. Both the classic mayonnaise and the ‘squeeze’-format mayonnaise with garlic are made with free-range egg yolk. Yearly, we approximately use 55,000 kg of yolk.


At Choví, quality and service are words that have become synonymous with ‘a job well done’. We have a work plan adapted to present and future times. We really believe that our investment in research and development will ensure we meet the market’s demands unfailingly.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, our R&D&I department supervises, analyses and improves quality in all of the steps of the production process. This is a filter we have imposed ourselves aimed at manufacturing products of the highest quality to meet our customers’ demands.

Cutting-edge technology

The investment in cutting-edge technology has allowed Choví premises to rank among the most advanced facilities in the sector. This has made it possible for us to become the leading manufacturer of the true aioli.

Our goal is to be a modern and professional company while being environmentally friendly, innovative and efficient.

Our upgraded facilities are the representation of our structure. They now feature a new logistic warehouse with capacity for more than 3,300 pallets and a maximum storage height of 11.5 metres. An enlarged and modernised structure to improve the service and guarantee internal and external satisfaction


As a result of its vision and its commitment towards quality, Choví has had, since 2003, the UNE EN ISO 9000 certification for its Quality Management System.

This certification ensures a thorough work method and makes it possible for us to offer high-quality products and services that meet the expectations of our clients and suppliers completely.

ISO 9001

The ISO 9001 regulation sets forth a model for quality assurance in terms of design, development, production, installation and aftersales service. Its application is appropriate for those cases when a company –as Choví, S.L– is willing to inform its clients about quality assurance in all of the aforementioned aspects. For that reason, Choví, S.L. carefully plans every activity, therefore ensuring quality is complied with in all of them.

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Choví, as part of its determination towards internationalisation and its commitment to the consumer, was awarded in June 2007 the IFS and BRC standards, which certify the quality management system and food safety implemented at the company.


The BRC standard (British Retail Consortium) is one of the most common models internationally for distributors and department stores to certify that their suppliers provide safe products. This regulation is aimed at assuring that providers comply with certain requirements guaranteeing quality and food safety.

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The IFS certification (International Food Standard) is a powerful model for the prior acceptance of brand product providers before working with distributors and department stores at a European level. The main goals of this standard are to join food safety and quality control, increase consumers’ trust and meet international requirements, among others.

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