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Our broths are the best ally to enjoy a full-flavoured cooking. Try them out!


Are you willing to enrich your dishes simply and quickly? Prepare broths in a simple, quick and economical way and enhance their ingredients with our preparations. The best products to obtain the best Mediterranean flavour. The special touch and the nuances you are looking for your meat or fish broths thanks to our cooking staples. Enhance flavour in a simple manner without giving up to the best ingredient quality.


Flavour and quality define our broths. The best preservative-free Mediterranean flavour made with the best ingredients. The ideal way to enhance your preparations.

Get the perfect nuances for chicken, fish or meat stocks.


Choví Food Service offers a wide variety of broths that will help enrich and enhance your preparations in a quick and simple way.


Caldo de pollo

Made with chicken meat, spices and salt. It will help enhance chicken flavour without overshadowing the rest of the ingredients.


Caldo de carne

Perfect for enriching stews and roasts. Made with oil, beef extract and other ingredients adding in some colour and flavour.


Caldo de pescado

It enhances fish in your meals! Made with vegetables, fish and spices.


Enhance the flavour of your meat, fish or seafood dishes with only four steps:

  1. Add the dehydrated base.
  2. Mix by beating until completely dissolving.
  3. Bring to the boil, stir and simmer for 3 minutes.
  4. Put aside and use as needed.

Curiosities about culinary bases

Culinary bases are of a great help for all those who are willing to make rice and broth in a simple and inexpensive way. It is a preparation featuring the flavour of the traditional cooking bases with high-quality ingredients.

What are culinary bases or cooking stocks?

They are basic broths for a most complicated preparation. Slowly cooked bones are usually selected; they may be flavoured with different sorts of vegetables, spices and herbs.

Flavour is in the base

Culinary bases are generally used for stews, rice, broths, soups and creams. Preparing a good base is the fundamental secret to enhance the flavour of the final preparation. A good base will include all of the nuances and aromas that will define the meal’s specific flavour.

The advantages of culinary bases

Many times, and due to diverse circumstances, we may not have the needed time or knowledge for preparing a high-quality base. For that reason, ready-made culinary bases are of a great help for all those who pursue flavour intensity in characteristic and traditional Spanish meals such as paella.

Besides, culinary bases are an indispensable complement when it comes to mustering up all sorts of soups and stews. These bases, apart from enhancing flavour with high-quality ingredients, save a lot of preparation time.