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The ajonesa is a sort of mayonnaise with garlic featuring a Mediterranean flavour and aroma. Made with free-range eggs and garlic, it maintains the essence of the classic mayonnaise but with a lively touch. Just try it!



Choví's Ajonesa

A different mayonnaise. A mayonnaise with a slight garlic touch. A Mediterranean mayonnaise!

The ‘ajonesa’ is a version of the classic mayonnaise made with free-range eggs from the Pedroñeras and fresh purple garlic. Premium ingredients to enhance flavour and always guarantee the properties of the best Mediterranean gastronomy.

Apt for celiac and lactose allergic people, Choví’s ajonesa offers smoothness and creaminess without giving up to flavour. It has the perfect characteristics to season all sorts of dishes without overshadowing the main ingredients. In fact, its capacity to adapt to different preparations and giving them a different touch led to receiving, in 2016, the Product of the Year Award in the sauce category at Gran Premio a la Innovación 2016 (2016 Innovation Grand Award).

Why choosing Choví's 'ajonesa'?

Choví’s ‘ajonesa’ has been created for those traditional mayonnaise lovers who also look for a Mediterranean touch and a different flavour.

The ajonesa’s lightness and smoothness turn it into the perfect sauce for accompanying all sorts of preparations. Why not using it to accompany the traditional Spanish omelette or a classic chips serving?

Besides, the creaminess of this sauce is perfect for dressing different varieties of Russian salads or for giving a special touch to hamburgers, fish or sandwiches. You are not willing to give up to flavour? The ‘ajonesa’ is your perfect ally: enjoy your dishes with the best Mediterranean flavour.

Ingredients of the 'ajonesa'


AceiteIn order to make the ‘ajonesa’, it is important to choose a high-quality oil for thickening all of the ingredients correctly and obtaining a smooth and creamy consistency. Besides, picking one type of oil or another may condition the flavour intensity; therefore, it is a very personal choice. In any case, the most important thing is choosing a high-quality oil.


AjoGarlic is the main ingredient that grants and added value to this recipe. It is essential to choose high-quality garlic. For instance, for the ‘ajonesa’, we use fresh purple garlic from the Pedroñeras or black garlic for our black-garlic ‘ajonesa’ variety. Mediterranean gastronomy is rich in fresh products so using them wisely is the fundamental secret for a good ‘ajonesa’ sauce.

Egg yolk

Yemas de huevo Ingredientes ChovíBy adding egg yolk to the preparation, you will ensure the needed smoothness and creaminess. We always use free-range eggs to guarantee the highest quality both in terms of nutritional facts and in flavour intensity.

Lemon and spices

Limón y especias Ingredientes Choví

Finally, the sauce can be flavoured with lemon juice and with all sorts of spices.

New flavours and aromas

New flavours and aromas for a sauce that pushes the envelope. Sauce lovers are lucky, the Mediterranean touch has come to stay. Try the ‘ajonesa’, a mayonnaise with a slight touch of garlic, and enjoy all of the nuances of the sauce.