Classic aioli

Traditional Choví Aioli is made following the time-honoured recipe for homemade aioli, which is why people like it so much. It is the market’s leading brand and comes in a range of sizes and packaging formats carefully designed to meet your needs.

Origins of aioli
Aioli is one of the most classic and ancient sauces from the Mediterranean with aioli recipes dating back to the early 10th century. Spain and France inherited it from the Romans, who had learned how to make it from the Egyptians. It is an immensely popular sauce, also known as garlic mayonnaise and can be served with food and used in cooking.

Made with garlic, oil, eggs, lemon and salt, all thickened with art, skill and tradition in a classic yellow pottery mortar, the result is one of the mother sauces of Mediterranean cuisine: aioli. Choví makes this sauce with premium quality natural ingredients using the traditional homemade aioli recipe which people love.

Serving suggestions
Aioli is the world’s oldest culinary treasure. It is used in many dishes, served with grilled meat, rabbit, chicken, fish, rice and potatoes, spread on bread and can be added to any other dish to which you want to give a special touch of flavour. When you try Choví Aioli you will see that you haven’t bought just any old garlic mayonnaise, but rather you’ve got an aioli like the one our grandparents made, cool, creamy and with an intense flavour.

    Product Description

    Aioli is a very popular sauce used for cooking and is ideal to accompany your dishes; it pairs especially well with meat, fish, rice and potatoes, or simply spread on bread.

    Suggestions: char-grilled chops and sausages, seafood rice, salt cod brandade, patatas bravas with aioli, potato salad with aioli, etc.

    Vegetable oil (IP sunflower or soybean), egg, garlic (6%), salt, lemon juice concentrate, preservative: potassium sorbate, GLUTEN-FREE – LACTOSE-FREE

    Original container shaped like a mortar, unique on the market. With an airtight lid for better preservation.

    The flavour intensity indicator shows the amount of garlic in each sauce. Traditional flavour Classic Aioli contains an average amount of garlic, making it suitable for all palates.


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